What does kms mean on snapchat

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat? Slang Definition & Usage

Snapchat can leave you puzzled when you receive chats or see Stories with unfamiliar slang. But if you want to enjoy texting on Snapchat, you must level up your game by keeping up with these abbreviations. So for this article, you’ll learn about what KMS means on Snapchat.

While KMS is slang on Snapchat, there are other Snapchat abbreviations and slang, including “S” and “FT.” These slangs make texting on Snapchat cooler and fun, especially with a buddy.

Since there’s no dictionary to look up this slang, you can only understand it by reading articles like this. And, of course, you wouldn’t want to keep asking your friends to explain their meanings every time because you don’t want to look like you’re not savvy. So, keep reading!

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

So, I’ll be telling you what KMS means on Snapchat alongside practical examples of how to use it. And hopefully, you’ll include them while texting on Snapchat, as it will make you look savvy.

But keep in mind that KMS has more than one meaning on Snapchat. Cool, right? So, get ready to explore!

1. Kill Myself

Kill Myself is the most familiar meaning of KMS on Snapchat and is commonly used by teens and adults. You can use it when you want to communicate exaggerated feelings of anger and vexation. 

Again, you can use this slang if you’re upset and would instead choose to die. But using KMS in this context doesn’t mean you truly want to die. Check a practical example of how to use it below.


Anne: Peter will be at the party too.

Karen: Gosh! I’d rather KMS than see his face again!

2. Kiss Me Silly

Kiss Me Silly means you want someone to kiss you repeatedly to the extent you can’t bear it anymore. So depending on the context of your conversation, you can say KMS if you want the person to kiss you continuously. Quite romantic, yeah?


Karen: How do I repay you for saving my life?

Peter: KMS!

3. Killing Me Softly 

You use Killing Me Softly when you have no choice but to endure or do something unpleasant or uninteresting. But not doing that thing comes at a heavy price. Therefore, you cannot decide not to do it.


Anne: Did you enjoy your History class?

Karen: The teacher was KMS with his monotonous stories about 17th-century battles.

4. Killer Make-out Session

Did you enjoy an intense and romantic kissing session with your partner but want to tell it to your friend? Just say KMS! It also means Killer Make-out Session on Snapchat. And will describe how heated and passionate the session was.


Jake: How did it go with him?

Peter: Oh, we enjoyed an intense KMS!

5. Kill My Swag

You can use Kill My Swag as an alternative to kiss my a$s. It expresses sarcasm or the ‘I don’t give a f*ck about what you say’ feeling.

Do you have a friend that always says nasty stuff? I know it may not be pleasant. So the next time they try it, say KMS.


Anne: Oh my gosh! Your T-shirt is so ugly! My pet wears a nicer one.

Karen: Oh, Anne, KMS!

Note: On Snapchat, KMS popularly means “Kill Myself” or “Kill Me.” However, it has other meanings, as I have shared above.

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What Does KMS Mean on Discord?

Even though Discord is a social network, it’s different from Snapchat and Instagram. Discord has many channels and groups focusing on culture, work, and interests. It is so that only friends with similar interests can hang out together.

However, Discord is not exempted from using slang. Yes, people also communicate with the KMS slang on Discord. And it means the same thing as on Snapchat. Thus, KMS means Kill Myself on Discord.

Since it shares the same meaning as the one on Snapchat, the usage is similar in similar contexts.

What Does KMS Mean in Cars?

Can you guess the meaning? Well, talking about cars, KMS means Kilometers. A kilometer is a unit of measurement. It measures the distance a vehicle has covered.

Other Slangs on Snapchat

Aside from KMS, there are other slang terms on Snapchat you should know if you want to have exciting conversations on Snapchat. We’ve explained some of these slang terms below.


On Snapchat, SU could mean Swipe Up or Shut Up. So, using this slang depends on the context of your discussion. For instance, if your friend is teasing or upsetting you, you may tell the person to shut up.

On the other hand, you may use swipe up as a call-to-action for your Snapchat Story.


GTS could mean Go to Sleep or Good Times. When you use GTS, it could mean any of these based on the type of dialogue. If someone sends you old pictures of you two, you may say GTS(Good Times).

But if you send meaningless photos or texts to someone late at night, they may say GTS(Go to Sleep).


GFY stands for Go F*ck Yourself and Good For You. If someone annoys you, you could tell them Go f*ck yourself. On the other hand, you can use Good for you as a positive remark toward someone’s effort.


On Snapchat, KYS means Kill Yourself or Keep Yourself Safe. It is used to dig at someone for doing something pathetic or embarrassing.

Keep Yourself Safe is used to show care or concern for someone.

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FML means F*ck My Life. You could use it when your life doesn’t go how you want or when it sucks. It could be used to express embarrassment and exaggeration.

Bottom Line

Snapchat is more exciting for users who understand and use slang & acronyms. And as they keep using them, they get more familiar with them. But if you don’t understand these slang terms, you may not flow better in your Snapchat conversations.

But I hope this article justifies what KMS means on Snapchat. Again, to further help you level up your Snapchat texting game, I have also covered some other acronyms In Snapchat. Do well to check them out.

FAQs on What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

What does ONG mean on Snapchat?

ONG stands for ‘on God’ or “on God’s” name. It’s similar to OMG (Oh My God).

What does BP mean in Snapchat?

On Snapchat, BP stands for Beautiful People.

What does PH mean on Snap?

PH is a Snapchat acronym that means People Here.

What does FR mean?

FR is an abbreviation that means For Real.

What does OG stand for?

OG stands for Original Gangster.


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