How to use sling TV in 2022 | FULL GUIDE

How to use sling TV in 2022 | FULL GUIDE

Looking for how to use sling TV in 2022? With a Sling TV subscription, you get the best of both in an affordable monthly package.

With over 50 channels in its holster, you can watch TV shows and movies on demand, with one or both Sling TV packages offering live broadcasts from multiple TV channels.

What are the Sling TV Channels?

The Sling TV channels you can get are divided into two packages: Sling TV Blue or Sling TV Orange. Although Sling TV Blue mainly offers news and entertainment content, you will benefit from more sports and family content by subscribing to Sling Orange.

Whichever tariff plan you choose, you get 50 hours of free DVR memory, which allows you to record live TV shows that you might have to skip when it’s on. Even better, you can pay from $ 5 a month for up to 200 hours of storage.

With all the flexibility of any other streaming service, Sling TV allows you to cancel at any time, having the ability to configure it on almost any device using the program – no hardware required.

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Why Sling TV instead of Cable?

Sling TV offers many popular channels that you will find in other live streaming services. You can watch your favorite shows and movies on AMC, Monday Night Football on ESPN, your favorite home improvement shows on HGTV, and stay up to date with news channels like CNN.

In addition, Sling TV offers many additional add-ons that enhance your viewing experience. You can access premium series and movies on Showtime for $ 10. US per month, Starz for $9 per month, and Epix for $ 5. USA.

The only drawback is that Sling TV does not currently offer HBO or Cinemax. However, there are many other entertainment options.

Sling TV offers a variety of entertainment programs, from sports to children’s programs, news, and international packages. You can view the complete list of Sling TV entertainment packages on its website.

What are the Lists of Sling TV Features?

·          DVR

DVR Sling TV service is the norm. This allows you to record and pause live content.

However, the recording space is limited compared to other live streaming services, such as YouTube TV and Philo, where you get unlimited recording space with each.

With Sling, you can access 50 hours of recording on each plan. You can increase the memory to 200 hours for only $5 per month.

·          Simultaneous streams

This is important for households with multiple users who want to watch different things simultaneously. With Sling Orange, you get only one thread, and with Sling Blue – three simultaneous threads. And if you choose the Sling Orange and Blue package, you get four streams at once.

·          Sport

The Sling Orange & Blue package includes NFL Network, ESPN, NBC Sports Networks, and Fox Sports One for $50 per month. And Sling TV also offers the Sports Extra package.

With Sling Blue, the additional sports package includes the Big Ten Network, Fox Sports 2, the NFL Red Zone channel, and more for $ 11 per month.

Also, with Sling Orange, you get ESPNU, NHL Network, SEC Network, etc., for $11 a month. With Sling Orange & Blue, you combine extra sports packages to get 20 sports channels for $15 a month.

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What is the Cost of a Sling TV Subscription?

Sling TV offers additional packages ranging from $5 to $15 per month. There are more than a dozen add-ons, so your monthly subscription can exceed $ 100 a month if you want absolutely everything. 

Sling also supports compatible terrestrial antennas if you are in a supported location. By visiting this page to check if your address meets the requirements, you will be able to get a free indoor antenna with a two-month prepayment for Sling TV.

 If you don’t have Sling streaming equipment, you can save by subscribing to Sling TV for two months. This will give you a free AirTV player and an adapter with an antenna. 

You can get a free three-day trial if you want to check out Sling but don’t want to pay yet. Or you can watch Sling Free, a new free streaming service that features over 5,000 free TV shows and movies. You don’t need to sign up for Sling using your email address or credit card 

Sling TV plans

  • Sling Orange: 30+ channels, including many popular basic cable channels such as ESPN, Disney Channel, and AMC.
  • Sling Blue: 40+ channels, including some networks such as Fox and NBC, Regional Sports, and NFL Network.
  • Sling Orange + Blue: 50+ channels, including everything from Sling Orange and Sling Blue.

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How to Use Sling TV in 2022

Sling TV allows you to use several devices for streaming channels, including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS and Android devices, Xbox Series X | S, browsers, and more.

  • Browsers on PC and Mac
  • IOS mobile devices
  • Android mobile devices
  • Apple TV (4 generations and newer)
  • Amazon Fire TV devices
  • Chromecast
  • Fire tablets (OS 4.4.2 and later)
  • Google Nest
  • Oculus Go
  • Roku LT and above
  • Roku TVs from Hisense and TCL
  • TiVo Stream 4K
  • Xbox
  • Select Smart TV LG, Samsung, and Vizio

How can I watch sling TV local channels?

In addition to the HD antenna, you can watch local channels via AirTV, Locast, and Peacock. Sling TV also offers Paramount + (formerly CBS All Access).

Fox’s local partner channels are available on Sling Blue in select markets, including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando / Dayton / Melbourne, and Tampa / St. Louis. St. Petersburg, Gainesville, Milwaukee, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Austin, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco / Auckland / San Jose.

NBC’s local partner channels are available on Sling Blue in the following markets: New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Washington, DC, Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, Hartford / New Haven, Dallas / Fort. Worth, Los Angeles, San Francisco / Auckland / San Jose, and San Diego.

How can I unlock Sling TV outside the US with Unlocator Smart DNS?

By setting up a Smart DNS proxy on your streaming device, you can unblock channels with geographical restrictions, such as Sling TV, ABC Go, ESPN, and BBC iPlayer, by redirecting the responsible URLs for revealing your location.

This will make it difficult for such sites and channels to determine if you are in their permitted regions. This gives you access to their content. You can also save your actual IP address.

This way, you don’t have to disrupt access to your local streaming channels. Sign up for a free trial of Unlocator to unblock Sling TV outside the US, and follow these setup guides based on the platform you’re running.


How do you watch Sling TV on your TV?

Setting up Sling on Android TV or Google TV only takes minutes and doesn’t require an appointment or wired connections. Just download the Sling TV app from the Google Play Store onto your smartphone or smart TV, sign in to your account, and watch.

How do I navigate Sling TV Guide?

To access the mini guide, select, click or swipe up on your device while viewing a program. You can scroll through your filters, channels, or schedule ribbon to see everything else!

Can you watch Sling TV on a regular TV?

What Do You Need for Sling TV? All you need for Sling TV is an Internet-connected device such as an iOS or Android device, or you can connect it to your Samsung, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or another device.

How does Sling TV app work?

Sling TV is an app-based service through which you can watch live TV and programs you record on your DVR — it’s like cable TV, but you can pick and choose which channels and features you want. All you need is internet access and a compatible device.

How much is Sling TV monthly?

$35 per month

What is the best device for Sling TV?

Best for enhanced streaming quality. NVIDIA SHIELD TV. …
Best for streaming on a budget. Roku Express. …
Best for Amazon members. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. …
Best for streaming on the go. Apple iPad Pro (11-inch) …
Best for game days. AirTV 2.

Does Sling give you local channels?

You get 1 stream for Sling Orange channels and up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue channels. Although Sling TV offers different channels in its two base packages, all of its local networks are available through Sling Blue.

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