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The 8 Best Keyboard Wrist Rests of 2022

If you like gaming or constantly use the computer for your daily activities, it is advised you use a keyboard wrist rest. Wrist rests are often seen as useless or burdensome by people. But the truth is that it helps eliminate discomfort and problems that can arise by constantly discomforting your hands while working. 

While some people may find it helpful, others may not. As they say, one man’s food is another man’s poison. It is also applicable in this case because a keyboard wrist rest can be good for one but discomforting for another.

You’ll learn about the best keyboard wrist rests in this article. Stay with us!

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The 8 Best Keyboard Wrist Rests

There are various keyboard wrist rests on the market and each of them was designed for a particular set of people. However, some were made for general use.

Here are the 8 best keyboard wrist rests of 2022:

1. Hyper-X Wrist Rest

This wrist rest provides comfort for gamers who make use of a full-sized keyboard. It was manufactured to last long using memory foam and natural rubber. 

The memory foam will keep you cool even under high temperatures. Whereas the natural rubber has an anti-slip grip underneath it to prevent your arm from constantly slipping. This wrist rest can also be used for a mouse and not just keyboards. 

Despite the price, the ratings are high. You can get it from online stores like Amazon, ToLuLu, Picasso, and also on the hyper X official website.

2. Victsing Wrist Rest

Considering the cost, it looks simple and basic. But the price does not matter because it is one of the best wrist rests. It was designed for people who have wrist problems and can’t afford expensive treatment plans.

The memory foam padding used to produce this wrist rest makes it comfortable. It also has a cushioning effect on the wrist and hands, if you are considering staying on the computer for hours. 

This wrist rest is made with waterproof synthetic lining which protects the memory foam padding. The lining is meant to absorb sweat and any other liquid.

Additionally, the anti-skid rubber base below it helps keep your wrists steady and helps you with any discomfort on your wrists.

3. Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

The Razer ergonomic wrist rest has one of the best designs and materials. This wrist rest is also produced with a memory foam pad to give it a comforting feel.

Its design brings relief to those having problems with their wrist (due to gaming for a long period or using the computer for a long time). The rubber used to produce it makes your wrist remain steady even when the work or gaming gets intense.

It’s also made with a leatherette layer, that’s why the waterproof is very easy to clean. Additionally, it won’t have any negative effect on your skin or produce an offensive smell over time. You will enjoy it if you’re using a razer keyboard.

4. Redragon Keyboard Wrist Rest

The design for this wrist rest has made it a great option for those who experience wrist pains. It is also great for gamers and the exterior has made it easy for anyone to use regardless of their color preference.

Compared to other wrist rests, this was made with memory foam padding to support the wrist in comfort and alignment. 

It is made with a high-density waterproof to protect the memory foam padding from moisture that may occur from accidental spills or sweats.

Furthermore, it is washable and people with half-sized or full-sized keyboards can use it.

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5. DSKKWS Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest

If you’re a gamer or you work for long hours on the computer, then this is for you. From the design, it has massage holes and an ergonomic wrist shape groove that makes gaming more fun.

It’s comfortable, lightweight, and has anti-skid silicone that will make the wrist rest stay in place. Additionally, it’s perfect if you have wrist pains. And it won’t have any negative impact on your skin.

This product can only be found on Amazon or the company’s official website. 

6. Jedia Keyboard Wrist Rest

Jedia keyboard wrist rest is perfect for workers who stay long working on computers. It is made with a type of nylon fabric that provides comfort and support to the wrist and has an anti-slip silicone base that enables it not to slide. 

In addition to that, it has massage holes that help relieve the stress and pain on the wrist. The Jedia wrist rest is perceived to be the choice for gamers who use small-sized keyboards for gaming. However, it can also be used on a larger keyboard. 

Though the design is too simple for anyone to like, it is still preferred because of its features. You can purchase it on Amazon.

7. ASUS Rog Wrist Rest

This wrist rest is designed majorly for gamers. In addition to having a simple design, it is made with a soft foam cushion core. 

It is also resistant to moisture and won’t tear easily because the edges are stitched with concealed seams. With its non-slip rubber foot, the wrist rest will not slide off the desk.

If you have wrist problems from long gaming and working on the computer, you should consider having this wrist rest. It’s ideal for a small-sized keyboard but can still be used for a larger-sized keyboard. You can get it from Amazon and ASUS’s official websites.

8. KLIM Keyboard Wrist Rest

Based on the design, it is durable. And can be stable due to the anti-slippery fabric. Therefore, you can move your wrist as much as you want and the wrist rest will remain in place. It is ideal for any gamer who uses a standard keyboard size.

Additionally, it’s soft due to the memory cotton. The materials used on this product are perfect for the skin and won’t have any side effects. And you can purchase it on Amazon and KLIM’s official websites.

What To Look Out For In a Keyboard Wrist Rest

As a gamer or one who works long hours on the computer, you need to consider using a wrist rest. And the type you use is also important.

Here are the things to look out for:


This is a determining factor for every product. Whether or not a customer decides to buy a product is dependent on the price.

Although some wrist rests are overpriced, some also offer better services than the overpriced ones.


Even though wrist rests are necessary, nobody would like to use a product that’s not fanciful, comfortable, and light. When choosing wrist rests, ensure that it has all the characteristics you’d like it to possess for comfort purposes.


When working or gaming, there’s nothing more important than comfort. If the materials used in producing it are comfy, it will reduce wrist fatigue and also eliminate anything that will irritate the skin. 

Keyboard Compatibility

When considering the type to buy, you must consider the kind of keyboard you use. There are two different types of keyboards—standard-sized keyboards and small-size keyboards. 

Not all wrist rests can be used for either keyboard size. Some can only be used for a particular keyboard size while some can be used for any keyboard size. When going to purchase one, study the keyboard compatibility and it will help you get a suitable one.

Anti-slip Features

A wrist rest can only be called one if it has anti-slip features. That’s the only way the wrist will not cause fatigue and pains.

You won’t enjoy the work or gaming if your hand keeps slipping due to the lack of anti-slip features on the wrist rest. Thus, you ought to look out for this feature.

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Should I Get Wrist Rests?

The main goal of a wrist rest is to keep your hand balanced in a neutral position, not bent. If your hand is bent (up or down), then the wrist rest is not ideal and not good for you.

When choosing wrist rests, ensure that:

  • Your hands should be able to move freely and be raised above the wrist rest while typing. The wrist rest should be in contact with the palm.
  • Wrist rests should be a part of an ergonomically-coordinated workstation.
  • Reduce the bending of wrists by working on other workstation components. This is so that the wrist can maintain a neutral posture.
  • Provides soft wrist support and reduces the stress on the wrist.

Bottom Line

Wrist rests have always been overlooked in today’s society, probably because it’s seen as a burden to carry around. But if you often work long hours or play games for long hours with a computer, you’ll feel discomfort. And with time it will become a full pain that will cost you a lot. 

But with wrist rest, you are certain that it will eliminate any wrist pain and give you comfort while you work and play games.


Do wrist rests cause Carpal Tunnel?

Leaning your wrist on a wrist rest for a long time can cause pain underneath your wrists. Over time, it can cause Carpal Tunnel (CTS).

Do pro-gamers use wrist rests?

Pro gamers use wrist rest because it helps maintain a neutral and comfortable wrist position.

What is Carpal Tunneling?

It is a syndrome that compresses one of the large nerves of the arm at the wrist level. And can cause numbness, tingling, etc.

Can Carpal Tunnel go away on its own?

Once it has already developed, it will be difficult to go on its own without treating it.


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