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PS6 (PlayStation6): News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

The PS6 will be one of Sony’s first major console releases in its quest to own the high-end gaming space again. Sony has been busy this past decade, unveiling next-generation video game consoles which promise to transform home entertainment.

While we are far from knowing how successful the just-released PlayStation 5 will be, as it is just a few months on the market; Still, we are ecstatic about what comes next. The question on our mind is, when is the ps6 coming out?

This article will give you detailed information on when the ps6 is coming out, the price, and specifications.

PS6 Release Date, Predictions & Rumor Round-Up

In a 2019 interview, Sony’s Masayasu Ito (Executive VP of Hardware Engineering) gave his word: “Indeed, in the past, the cycle for a new platform was seven to 10 years, but in view of the very rapid development and evolution of technology, it’s a six to seven-year platform cycle“.

We can’t say for sure when Sony will release their new console, but we can look at the previously released consoles to get a good idea. PlayStation 3 was released on November 11th, 2006, PlayStation 4 was released on November 29th, 2013, and PlayStation 5 was released in November 2020.

This pattern gives us an insight into when the PlayStation 6 will come out and whether PlayStation 6 will be released in the last quarter of 2026 or 2027. It is very unlikely that Sony will unveil it before 2026.

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What are the Specs and Details of the New Playstation 6?

The PS6 is rumored to have 8K resolution and ray tracing capabilities. There are also rumors that it will come with a new PlayStation VR headset with a built-in screen and 4K resolution. This new console will have an 8-core AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation CPU and a GPU that is more powerful than what is found in the Xbox One X or PS5 Pro.

Other specifications expected from the PlayStation 6 when it comes out are:

Smaller Console

We are expecting a portable console. The previously released PS 5 was large, and this was attributed to being a part of Sony’s marketing campaign. It was the largest console so far in the history of consoles.

Most users of the Play Station 5 had issues placing the consoles in perfect places in their homes and halls or moving them from place to place due to their large size.

Built-In Bluetooth

The task of plugging in USB dongles in the brand.s headphones use is not excellent. Adding an in-built Bluetooth in the subsequent releases will give an edge and much-needed advantage.

Wireless charging for headphones and Controllers

This is 2022. Tech is evolving, and Sony should not leave certain areas behind in this evolution. Every gamer’s wish is to have an all-encompassing device. We do not want to find cords to plug in our controllers always. Creating a place on the console where headphones and controllers can charge wirelessly would be commendable.


We experienced a fast processor with PS 5, and nothing less is expected from subsequent releases. Higher storage and a faster processor are guaranteed. As the AAA games are on the increase, we believe it will be great for Sony to add more storage to the SSD Drive size. PS5 has 825 GB, and If PS 6 has 1TB, it will be great.

Considering the number of titles, Sony has to offer now, downloading and deleting digital games can be hectic (especially if your internet plan is slow or limited). However, this isn’t much of a problem with disc applications. External storage is an option, but we prefer it in whatever way.

VR compatibilities

The Gaming system veering into virtual reality is no new story. There is a need for the consolidation of controllers and headsets into the same set as the console to ensure an enjoyable and satisfying virtual reality experience.

The new Play Station will likely have improved graphics and more advanced gaming features. It is also rumored to have a VR headset, making it the first time Sony has included this technology in their consoles.

User Interface

Undoubtedly, PS 5 has its moments, and the UI is one of them. We believe Sony should be able to create harmony between the product and its users. An easily accessible PlayStore is fundamental.

Also, Finding friends and organizing a party is expected to be fun with little or no hassle. Implementing this feedback is crucial as it reinstates the priority of a user above products.

Wire-Free connection to TV

With so many cords like the HDMI, Power, charger controllers, the additional cable for PSVR 2, and a great host of other necessary wires, there is certainly no need for them all. Declustering, the space for wiring, is essential, and hopefully, Sony will give us a wireless connection to the console with a zero-lah and latency, of course.

Modular Structure

The parts should be broken down to aid the upgrade of each piece when damages occur instead of changing the Set. This path would be more cost-friendly to the user, and we hope Sony considers this. However, that may be the last option on the brand’s list.


There is a very minimal likelihood that there will ever solely be a digital-only version of any console. First and foremost, it just feels good to own physical copies. Plus, it’s an excellent way to trade for another or lend it to a friend.

Most game fanatics may never go for a digital console as it does not give a sense of satisfaction, especially when different game collections are fun.

Albeit, the world and everything in it are going digital. A digital-only console is not a bad idea. Pros include mobility and convenience. You won’t stress about creating shelf space and hard drive space even. As with the PS5, Sony might launch a standard AND digital version of the PS6.

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Pre-Order Information of PS6

No date has been stipulated for the pre-order of the new PlayStation. Nevertheless, it will begin months before its release to the market, and the announcement will be made available on the PlayStation website.

Price of the PlayStation 6

It is a tad early to conclude on the supposed price of PS 6, but we know that previous consoles have been sold for 400$ to 500 $. With the rise of inflation every year, One can estimate it to be priced at 550-600$.

However, this is just speculation. Even so, It will be higher than previous versions, which is understandable as higher features are embedded in the product.

What to Expect Before the Release of the New PlayStation 6

The PlayStation 6 will most likely be the successor to the PlayStation 5. As its custom, Sony will not release PS6 without advanced versions of PS5. These happened when PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim followed suit after PlayStation 4.

Improving its previous versions has been the reason many fell in love with the brand. It is safe to say that PS5 Pro and Slim will hit the market before the release of PS6.

Bottom Line on the release of PS6

It’s hard to tell right now when the PS6 will be released; indeed; it is not even anytime soon. When thinking about this console then, gamers would do well to remember one thing above all else: patience is a virtue and it will all be worth it in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions on When the PS6 is Coming Out

Does Sony have plans for a PS 6?

Of course, this is part of the plan. Play Station 6 will be released, and so will much other advanced gaming technology

What dates were the previous Play Stations released?

First PlayStation was released on September 29th, 1995.
PlayStation 2 – November 24th, 2000; PlayStation 3 got released on November 11th, 2006.
PlayStation 4 was released on November 29th, 2013, and the most recent product PS5 hit the market on November 12th, 2020

Would the PS6 be the last PlayStation console?

We highly doubt that. More consoles would likely be released; one cannot say when Sony will quit building PlayStations. Besides, no one wants it to end.

Why does PlayStation release limited pieces?

According to numerous reports, pricing is the reason behind the decision to limit PlayStation 5 production. The high cost of components also reportedly inflated the launch day pricing of the PlayStation 5.


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