What does received mean on Snapchat

What Does Received Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat uses various icons and indicators to show the status of your message. These apply to sent, received, and opened messages. So, have you been asking, “what does received mean on a Snapchat message?”

Well, you’re bound to ask such a question if you’re new to Snapchat or don’t often use Snapchat. And we’ve put together this article to help you better understand these Snapchat message status indicators. So, allow us to answer your question.

Snapchat is one of the fanciest social media platforms with minimalist and unique terms and icons, making it fun for users to interact with. And we’ll cover ‘what does received mean on a Snapchat message?’, ‘what does blue received mean on Snapchat?’, etc.

So, let’s delve in!

What Does Delivered Mean On Snapchat?

When your message on Snapchat shows delivered, it means that you have sent a message to another Snapchatter, and they’ve received the message. It could be a text message, snap, audio message, or video. So, the Snapchat server will send your message to the recipient whenever you send them a message, and “Delivered” will appear beside it.

Yes, “Delivered” will appear next to your message regardless of the type of message you sent. However, Snapchat has various icons with various colors—blue, red, and purple. And they have different meanings.

When you send a photo snap to a Snapchatter clicked via Snapchat camera, ‘Delivered’ will appear alongside a red arrow once they receive the message.

Upon sending a text message, audio message, or pre-recorded/clicked video or photo from your Snapchat Memory or Camera Roll from the Chat screen to the Snapchatter and they receive it; you will see the ‘Delivered’ term alongside a blue arrow.

When you send a video snap clicked via Snapchat camera to the receiver, and they receive it, ‘Delivered’ will appear alongside a purple arrow.

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What Does Received Mean On Snapchat?

One interesting thing about Snapchat is that it does not just tell you the status of your sent messages but also the status of your received messages. Furthermore, the received status indicator comes in various colors with different meanings. See them below.

What Does Blue Received Mean on Snapchat?

Here’s what blue received means on Snapchat; When you receive a text message, audio message, or pre-recorded photo or video and open it but don’t respond to it, a blue unfilled square will show alongside the ‘Received’ term. Also, the sender will see a hollow blue arrow with ‘Open’ beside it.

But if you receive a message and don’t open it, you will see a blue-filled square with ‘New Chat’ beside it.

What Does Red Received Mean on Snapchat?

When you receive a photo snap or red snap (a snap with no audio) and open it without replying, you’ll see a red unfilled square with the ‘Received’ term beside it. The sender will see an unfilled red arrow alongside ‘Opened’ next to it.

However, if you received a red snap without opening it, you will see a red-filled square beside it with New Snap.

What Does Purple Received Mean on Snapchat?

Upon receiving a purple snap—a video snap or snap that has audio and opening it without replying to it, you’ll see a purple unfilled square alongside ‘Received’ beside it. The sender will see a purple unfilled arrow with ‘Opened’ beside it.

Moreover, if you received the purple snap without opening it, it’ll have a purple-filled square with New Snap beside it.

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What Does Opened Mean on Snapchat?

When you see the term ‘Opened’ on Snapchat, the receiver has seen your message but didn’t reply. Therefore, if you send a snap/text message to another Snapchatter and they see it without answering, you’ll see ‘Opened’.

Although you’ll see ‘Opened’ when they see your snap without responding, the icons could vary.

When you send a photo snap to another Snapchatter, and they see it, you will see the term ‘Opened’ alongside an unfilled red arrow when they see it.

Upon sending a text message, audio message, or pre-recorded video or photo to a Snapchat user and they see it without replying; you will see ‘Opened’ alongside an unfilled blue arrow.

Again, when you send a video snap to another Snapchat user, and they see it, you will see the ‘Opened’ term alongside a purple unfilled arrow.

What Does New Snap Mean On Snapchat?

A new snap on Snapchat is a photo or video snap someone sent to you that you’re yet to see. It applies to only photo snaps, and video snaps clicked or recorded through Snapchat’s camera.

What Does New Chat Mean on Snapchat?

A new chat on Snapchat is a message someone sent to you that you’re yet to see. It applies to text messages, audio messages, pictures, and videos.

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Why Does It Say Received On Snapchat When I Didn’t Open It?

From what we’ve said, you will understand that you can only see ‘New Snap’ or ‘New Chat’ when you receive a Snapchat message. And you can only see ‘Received’ when the recipient sees the chat or snap and doesn’t respond.

But sometimes, Snapchat may face some glitches on its app or servers. It makes the messages open automatically for you, displaying ‘Received’ on your screen and ‘Opened’ on the sender’s screen. 

Moreover, you may find it very unpleasant, especially if you never wanted to open the message at that time. It may also give the sender a wrong impression that you ignored them.

Bottom Line

Snapchat is an engaging social media platform with lots of creativity that makes it more fun for its users. The icons and terms are not left out in their creativity and fun since they help users engage and interact more.

I hope this article answered your question—what does blue received mean on Snapchat? And if you feel there are extra icons or terms I missed out on, be free to share them in the comment section.

FAQs On What Does Received Mean On Snapchat

What does 👀 mean on Snapchat?

The Eyes symbol on your Snapchat story indicates how many people rewatched the Snaps you shared on ‘My Story, ‘Shared Stories’, or ‘Private Stories’. 

What does a GREY square mean on Snapchat?

It means you sent a Chat. You may also see a grey icon if someone hasn’t accepted your friend request. However, it depends on your privacy settings.

Do snaps expire if unopened?

For personal Snaps, Snapchat servers are programmed to automatically delete unopened Snaps after 31 days. And on Group Chats, they automatically delete unopened Snaps after 7 days.

Can you tell if a Story is private on Snapchat?

When you see a purple lock icon around someone’s Story, it means the Story is private, but you’re on the person’s Private Story list. Thus, you can view it. Other users who aren’t in the person’s Private Story list will be unable to view it.

How do you retrieve deleted messages on Snapchat?

You can achieve this using the Snapchat My Data feature. Navigate to My Data Page > Deleted Messages, then tap on the Recover button.


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