20+ Top Tech Podcasts in 2021

20+ Top Tech Podcasts in 2022| You Don’t Want To Miss It!

If you are looking for a podcast to start the New Year, we have listed our 20 best top tech podcasts of 2021 to get you started, one for each day of the week!

The world of technology tends to move fast, and keeping everything above that time may seem impossible. Whether you are a key player in the industry or just interested in new technology, culture, and business, you should be aware of events.

Entertaining but informative, top-tech podcasts are an easy way to consume all the latest technological nuances.

Do People Listen to Top Tech Podcasts that Much?

You can’t be a busy digital citizen without interacting with a podcast in one form or another. Whether you jumped into the market as a creator or a consumer, there is no denying the stratospheric rise of this audio medium over the past few years.

Whether news, interviews, or inspiring stories, tech podcasts have become one of the most popular media. You can listen to episodes anywhere and anytime – and best of all – they’re free (or, in some cases, are part of a subscription, such as the exclusive Spotify show).

How Many People Listen to Top Tech Podcasts?

In recent years, the percentage of Canadians listening to podcasts has risen sharply the last month, 20-30% of the population listened to the episode.

In the United States, the figure is even higher. More than 55% of the US population has listened to a podcast at least once. In 2020 it was reported that more than 155 million people listened to it weekly.

Over the last decade, there has been a steady increase in demand in the industry – this trend is mainly due to the growth of global appetites for digital media.

According to Statista, streaming giant Spotify had 2.6 million podcasts on its platform at the end of the first quarter of 2021, with about a quarter of the 356 million active users engaged in podcast content each month.

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Now just a few touches on your smartphone screen can lead to an endless stream of old and new podcasts, covering every genre and subculture in bright and different forms.

There is no shortage of technology-oriented programs and episodes in the industry, so here are a few of our favorite top tech podcasts to reduce your search time.

Top Tech Podcasts in 2021

1.    TED Talk Technology

Today, TED offers a wealth of content in more than 110 languages. This coverers topics such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), business, current affairs, and everything.

A non-partisan, non-profit platform “dedicated to the dissemination of ideas”, usually in the form of short, influential conversations of experts on the subject. TED Talks Technology is the perfect audio gift for technology enthusiasts who want to learn on the go.

This regularly updated collection of bite-sized episodes is ideal for those who want to enjoy or immerse themselves in their leisure time, featuring some of the world’s leading inventors and explorers who share their achievements and visions on stage through international TED conferences and events.

2.    One-Stop Shopping With The Daily Tech News Show

If you want to make sense of the best technology stories of the day, the Daily Tech News Show is the gold standard. The episodes last very familiarly, like the evening news, for 30 minutes and, as the name implies, fall daily.

However, it’s not just reading headlines without context: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, and regular contributors and guests add a quick insight to the analysis and analysis of each story, making the experience equal and rich in equal parts.

3.    Solving Software With The Postlight Podcast

It’s rare for a company podcast to feel less company, but the Postlight Podcast from a company that helps other companies create software platforms creates it in engaging, informative, and well-produced episodes.

Topics range from simple but essential business programs, such as project and product management, to severe issues. Issues such as corporate culture, remote work, month shots, etc.

Episodes fall out weekly and average about 30 minutes. If you do the software of any quality, it’s worth hearing.

4.    The Big Web Show

A great web show with hourly episodes is the perfect place to immerse yourself. The presenter, Jeffrey Zeldman, invites experts from various fields to talk about everything related to the Internet: digital development of your business through web design to legislation on the Internet.

Like most great interviewers, he finds the perfect balance between anecdotal stories and accurate, in-depth coverage of the topic. Quick warning/approval: This technical podcast gets a little tricky, especially episodes on web design.

5.    This Week In Tech

This tech podcast has been running for over 10 years, meaning it is a proud member of a very exclusive circle of podcast veterans. Every week, Leo Laporte and his guests hold a panel discussion on the latest developments in the world of technology.

They always cover the main news headlines, but the discussion format allows for a lot of spontaneity, so you also get your share of friendly and industrial jokes.

TWiT is great fun for hardcore technology enthusiasts, but each episode lasts about 2 hours, so it may not be the best choice for a complete podcast beginner. I’m just saying.

6.    Daily Technical News Show (DTNS)

Anyone looking for a daily batch of technical industry updates doesn’t need to look beyond the DTNS podcast, “dedicated to giving you technical news that’s easy to understand.”

For half an hour or more, Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane engage regular authors and guests to have fun and informatively explore the biggest technical headlines of the day.

Consumers can enjoy DTNS episodes as a podcast or videos, and the shows show the subtleties and speed of the digital world. Previous entries include the right to repair, the lack of chips worldwide, scaling up, and so on.

7.    a16z Podcast

Made by Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley venture capital company, the a16z Podcast is a vibrant audition that immerses you in topics related to technology, innovation, and change.

It features industry experts, business leaders and other fascinating thinkers and voices from around the world who come together to express their views on everything from cryptocurrency history to psychedelics.

Organized by a16z founders Mark Andressen and Ben Horowitz offers a unique view of the world of technology from the broader perspective of the investor’s business.

8.    Grumpy Old Geeks (GOG)

This podcast perfectly balances current digital issues against accelerating light terrain. Each week, presenters who have four decades of professional web development experience discuss what went wrong on the Internet and seek to determine who they think is to blame.

In long episodes, GOG presses and immerses in the subtleties, complexities and features of life on the Internet. For example, the latest episode (shown above) involves, among other things, hefty fines for significant technologies, Amazon’s labor laws, and the metaverse.

9.    The Tech Guy Podcast

One of the best technical podcasts available is a syndicated radio show by Leo Laporte, otherwise known as “Technician”. Laport has been talking about technology for a decade, and his show, which airs twice a week in the United States, covers all the hot topics consumers want to hear about.

From basic Internet security to how a solid-state drive can be shared, there seems to be an episode — with more than 1,500 in total — for everyone.

10. Accidental Tech Podcast

What happens when three friends get together to create a car show? In the case of a random technical podcast, you suddenly end up making one of the best technical podcasts.

Originating from the inspiration moment, these three developers deeply study many topics that know and love real techniques. It has a uniform combination of technical know-how and inner humor, which makes it one of the unique shows in its genre.

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11. Gadget Lab: Weekly tech news

The Gadget Lab podcast from the wired channel reviews the week’s most transformational and personal technology stories. This weekly podcast, from mobile apps to state-of-the-art equipment, social networking, entertainment, etc., is the perfect way to follow industry trends.

Hosted by Wired senior editors Lauren Hood and Michael Calore. The podcast welcomes technical pioneers to the microphone, inviting them to share their expertise and advice on the most popular technology devices and media.

12. The Tech Guy

Introducing Leo Laporte, known as the Technologist – the voice of authority in all technologies, including computing and the Internet. Laporte’s This Week in Tech podcast, known as TWiT, is considered the number one podcast in the industry.

Tech Guy’s industry experience is more or less unprecedented, making it an ideal host for a podcast – it’s also a radio talk show that airs on stations across the United States via Premiere radio networks.

With more than 1,500 series, Laport has explored almost every alley in the twisting world of technology.

13. Software-Defined Talk

This podcast, hosted by Cat, Brandon Wichard, and Matt Ray, explores the corporate and infrastructure aspects of the technology industry, from Kubernetes, serverless, cloud-based, DevOps, and coding.

We offer you current news and interesting discussions. Not only is the friendship between them palpable, but with weekly series and over 180 already in the archive, this is a podcast not to be missed!

14. 2 WIT Podcast

The slogan for this podcast is “Podcast for Women Who Make Life Techniques,” with a particular focus on Salesforce. Two inspiring women in the ecosystem host this podcast; Christy Campbell and Melinda Smith.

Christie is a 4-time certified MVP of Salesforce and #AwesomeAdmin and hosts a podcast. She also heads the Salesforce User Group – Women In Tech – in Charlotte.

Melinda was also a past MVP and Salesforce consultant. Shared hosting podcast not only 2 WIT but also conference WITness Success. Bright, agile, and friendly hosts interview some brilliant guests and converse with any women working in the technology space.

15. Women in Tech Republic

The Third Republic created this podcast as part of a staff-led initiative to create a platform for women working in the world of technology to share, help and encourage their peers.

To make technology a more attractive and inclusive work environment for all. In the podcast, women in all areas of the technology industry share their stories and offer tips and best career advice in engineering.

16. Azure DevOps

This podcast is regarded as one of the top tech podcasts as it is presented by Jeffrey Palmero, Microsoft’s MVP, and is especially suitable for developers! It’s literally; “a show for DevOps developers and professionals who deliver software using Microsoft technology.”

Each episode includes an interview with an expert in the field, advising you on how to install the software quickly and accurately.

17. CloudFocus Weekly

CloudFocus Weekly is a podcast focused on all the benefits of Salesforce.com and cloud computing. This top tech podcast has been running for 10 years, so there are many episodes to choose from! This thoughtful and engaging podcast is worth listening to if you’re in the Salesforce space – if it’s happening in the cloud, they’re talking about it.

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