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9 Ways to Fix Add Yours Sticker Not Working on Instagram

Instagram is constantly developing new features to make “Stories” more engaging. In 2021, it added a new sticker called “Add Yours” in one of these updates. However, most users are having trouble using this new feature. This article offers the 9 ways to fix add your sticker not working on Instagram.

If you are having issues finding or using the new feature, follow the procedures we have provided in this article to fix it. An out-of-date app, bugs in the app, or even the app’s lack of availability in your region may bring the problem on.

Please keep reading to learn about the add yours stickers and how to fix them when you have issues finding or using them.

Add Yours Sticker on Instagram

You will notice a new ‘Add Yours’ option in the sticker gallery when you try adding a sticker to an Instagram story you have just created. Your followers may now add their stories to your original one with this new sticker. The sticker’s purpose is to build an endless chain of stories on top of your Instagram story.

The functionality is incredibly helpful for individuals establishing their brands and influencers looking to get viewers into Instagram stories. To be really honest, it’s a wonderful method to develop a series of stories with your followers and friends.

For instance, you might write a tale about your favorite book, and your followers may add their favorites to it using the “Add Yours” sticker.

Why is Add Yours Sticker Not Working on Instagram?

Occasionally, Instagram bugs result in errors while using the Add Yours sticker. Additionally, if you use Instagram on a subpar network, it cannot function. Further, there may be other noteworthy causes. See why your “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram may not be working:

Outdated Instagram Application

This is especially for users who use the Instagram application on android, tablets, or iPhones. The “Add Yours” sticker is a new feature on Instagram; unless you update your application, the feature might not appear on your profile. If you have done this but still cannot find the feature on your profile, the issue might be the following reason below.

A Problem with Your Account

Sometimes, a feature functions flawlessly on a friend’s account but not yours. Additionally, many Instagram users have mentioned that they may use it on one account but not another. So, there may be a problem with your account. You can find that out by going through your profile and settings or contacting Instagram customer service. Below is another reason.

Geographic Restrictions

According to Instagram, several European and Japanese nations could not have access to the function. Therefore, Add Yours Sticker might not function in your area owing to geographic limitations.

It Could be Mobile-Feature Only

If you attempt to use the functionality on your desktop, it might not function. Instagram comes with a built-in function called Add Yours Sticker. The only way to add your tale is through a mobile app.

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Difficulties Navigating the Feature

A different reason for having trouble using the feature might be that you are not using it correctly. For those who are unfamiliar with Instagram’s capabilities, you could find it challenging to use the tool.

Further in this article, we shall look at 9 ways to fix the “Add Your” sticker not working on Instagram.

Top 9 Ways to Fix Add Yours Sticker Not Working on Instagram

#1. Update the Instagram application

If you are using an old version of Instagram, it may be one of the clear causes of the “Add Yours” sticker not working. Instagram’s most recent update has a better chance of fixing this problem. You may need to update your application.

To update your app, open your app store, search for the Instagram application, and select the Update option to update the app when you have found it. Now you can open the app and see if the feature will work. If it doesn’t, you can try either of the other options below.

#2. Reinstall Instagram

If you have tried updating the Instagram application and are still having trouble finding the ‘Add Yours” sticker version, you may need to uninstall the application and install it again. Then login and check. This step has worked for some users but didn’t work for others. However, some other steps we will try below worked, which may work for you.

#3. Use a Different Account

This may be an issue with your account. If the add yours sticker on Instagram doesn’t function on your account, you can use a different account. You can create a new account to test it out if you don’t use two accounts. If this still doesn’t work, we got you! Try the next step!

#4. Switch your account to private

Several users said they could not use this function on their public or professional accounts. However, on the personal account, it operated without a hitch. You can thus make your Instagram account private and see if it works for you. Look over the instructions below to learn how:

  • Go to Instagram and sign in.
  • Select “Settings”> “Privacy” from the Three Horizontal Lines menu.
  • Now turn on the Private Account option under Account Privacy.

We hope this helps; however, if it doesn’t, there are more ways to try.

#5. Check the feature availability in your country.

There are certain geographical limits for Add Yours Sticker. Therefore, the first step in solving the problem is to see if it applies to your nation. If none of the users can access it, Instagram hasn’t yet made it available.

#6. Check Instagram community

If there is a problem with Instagram’s internal server, Add Yours occasionally won’t function. If a problem is found, it could undergo maintenance. So check Instagram to see if there is a statement on the issue. You can find out whether other Instagram users are having the same problem.

#7. Use VPN

If Add Yours Sticker is not accessible where you are located, you can use a VPN to alter your location. Your IP address will likewise become untraceable. Either download third-party applications or add a VPN through your phone’s settings. These are the procedures:

  • Install a VPN from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your operating system.
  • Then follow the instructions to set up the VPN and use Instagram.

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#8. It might just be the network.

If everything else fails, try using a strong or more reliable internet connection. Also, you could restart your phone and see if it works.

#9. Report to Instagram Help Center

Even though you followed every instruction, the Add Yours sticker is still inoperative. You can report the issue to the Instagram Help Center in this situation. The Instagram support staff will resolve the problem.

No matter the issue, we are sure that either of the steps we have outlined above will help you solve the “Add Yours” sticker feature on Instagram.

How to add “Add Yours” stickers in your stories on Instagram

Here is how you can add the add yours sticker to your stories on Instagram:

  • Swipe left from Instagram’s home screen or tap the Plus symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Select a photo by clicking on it or by going to Recent Photos.
  • Tap the Add Sticker button in the upper right corner now.
  • On the iPhone, select the Add Sticker icon.
  • Select Add a sticker with the message “Yours.”
  • On your iPhone’s Instagram stories, add Add Yours stickers.
  • This may now be added to your story.


Why isn’t Instagram Add yours not working?

Simply, you may use an older version of the Instagram application, which is one of the clear causes of the “Add Yours” sticker not working. Instagram’s most recent update has a better chance of fixing this problem.

Why is add yours not working?

It’s a good idea to upgrade your Instagram app to the most recent version available in Google Play or the App Store if the “Add Yours” option isn’t appearing or isn’t functioning for you. It’s possible that your app isn’t up to date to support the functionality.

Why don’t I have the add this to your story button even if my Instagram app is updated?

All you have to do to enable Instagram’s missing Add Post to Your Story feature is to ensure the re-sharing feature is turned on in the Settings menu. By pressing the airplane/arrow icon underneath the post, you may share the post as a story if enabled.

Bottom Line

The Instagram “Add Yours” sticker is a crucial tool for anybody trying to increase account interaction. If none of the aforementioned suggestions work, you’ll probably have to wait for Instagram to allow it for your account. However, we are confident that at least one of the methods will help you fix the issue with the Instagram feature. We hope you found this helpful



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