how to find someone's wishlist on amazon

How to Find Someone’s Wishlist on Amazon | Full Guide

Amazon is Earth’s most extensive selection of every item you can think of. From clothes to shoes, electronics, machines, etc.

Here’s where it even gets better.

You can know what someone wishes to buy for him/herself. This means you can pull a surprise gift on your friend by getting him/her what they want through Amazon’s Wish List.

It is a great way to decide what to buy for someone.

So, if you want to find your friend’s Wish List on Amazon, this article is for you, as I’ve explained how you can find a friend’s Wish List on Amazon.

However, you must know that it’s simple to find your friend’s Wish List on Amazon if only they make it public and grant you access to it.

If they’ve set it private, you’ll not be able to find it.

Regardless, let’s get started.

What is Amazon Wishlist?

Amazon wishlist is a feature that allows users to create a list of items they want to get for themselves subsequently.

Unless changed, wishlists are public by default. This means that anyone can have access to your wish list.

The good side to this is that anyone who wants to get you a gift can get an idea of what you want from your wishlist.

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How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List?

Before we go into finding someone’s wishlist, it is important that you know that wishlists can be public or private.

Also, Amazon has removed the public search for wish lists. Though wedding and baby wishlists are still publicly available. For personal wishlists, your friend or family member must share their wishlist with you.

Here’s how to find someone’s wishlist on Amazon.

  1. On the Amazon site, hover on “Accounts & Lists” in the right-hand corner of your screen and select “Find a List or Registry.”
  2. Select the “Your Friends” tab. Friends who shared their lists with you will appear here.
  3. In case you want to come back, later on, to check out the list, it will always be accessible from your list page unless your friend sets it to Private.
  4. Now, you can go ahead and plan for your friend’s surprise list. You can sort Wish List items by title, date, price, priority, or purchased status through the filter menu.
  5. You can then add the items to your cart for later or buy with one click.


If you want to request access to a friend’s wishlist on Amazon, compose a note or use the one provided and then select “Email this message”. When your friend agrees to share their list, you’ll see it in this section.

Generally, you wouldn’t be able to access someone’s Wish List without their consent until they share it with you.

And when they eventually share it with you, they won’t know what you purchased from the list until their gift arrives.

More so, you’d need to have an Amazon account and be logged in before you can access any lists.

TIP: If the email goes to an email provider that you don’t normally use, select “Copy message” then move to your regular email service provider and paste the message, insert the recipient’s email address and send.

How to Find an Amazon Wedding or Baby Registry

If you want to find your friend’s wedding or baby shower Amazon wish list, here’s how to locate it.

  1. Hover over “Accounts & List” then select “Find a List or Registry”. Select either “Wedding Registry” or Baby Registry” from the menu bar. Bear in mind that this is after your friend has granted you access to their wish list.
  2. Type your friends’ names and select “Search”
  3. Select your friend’s profile and view the list. Bear in mind that there could be lots of people with your friend’s name. So you might want to be sure that it’s really your friend.

How to Purchase an Item from a Friend’s Amazon Wish List

It’s always best to shop gifts from your friend’s Wish List to avoid duplicate gift-giving. So, here’s how to purchase an item from your friend’s Wish List.

  1. Choose a gift and select “Add to Cart”. Confirm your selection in the pop-up window by selecting the “Add to Cart” button again. Choose “Proceed to Checkout.”
  2. Use the checkout option as you do regularly. If your friend left a shipping address on the list, select the address on the checkout page under “Other addresses”. Ship to this address only if you want the gift to be delivered by Amazon.
  3. Select “Gifting options” to add a message to the gift and remove price details from the receipt.
  4. Confirm your payment information and select “Place your order”
  5. Now, your order is processed and shipped. You’ll receive delivery updates about the package to your email, just as you would if you purchased an item for yourself. Your friend won’t know about the package until it arrives.

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How to Create Your Own Amazon Wish List

If you intend to create your own Amazon Wish List that you can share with friends, here’s how to do so.

  1. Hover over the “Accounts & Lists” option in the top right corner and click on “Wish List”
  2. Click on “Create a List” at the top right corner then select ‘Wish List”. You will be asked to give your Wish List a name.
  3. Additionally, you’d need to set it to private or public and enter your name or nickname.
  4. Afterward, click “Create List”.
  5. Add products to your Wish List by using the “Add to List” button below any product page.
  6. Click on the button, find your list name then add it there.
  7. A prompt page will show up, telling you that you’ve added it to your list. You’d be prompted to view your list or continue shopping.
  8. When you are done shopping, you can go to your Wish List and change your privacy settings.

Note that if your list is private, only you can see the list. Additionally, you can change your list name, select your shipping address and set up your spoiler alert.

Opting for a spoiler alert means that you wouldn’t know if someone has purchased something from your list until it arrives. More so, it prevents you from accidentally buying the same gift for yourself.

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How Do I Share My Amazon Wish List?

After you’ve created your Wish List, you can decide to share it with your friends or not. If you intend to share your list, click the “Send Lists to Others” button.

If it’s a collaborative wish list, you can invite others to view and invite. However, if it’s just for you, you can view it alone or copy the link.

You can share this link through e-mail, Facebook, or any other medium. More so, you can create as many wish lists as you want for every occasion, there’s no limit.

In addition, you can edit, add comments and even prioritize it.

It yours! So do with it as you like.

Bottom Line

I hope this article answers all your questions about how to find someone’s wishlist on Amazon.

If you have any questions, kindly let me know in the comment section.

All the best!

FAQ How to Find Someone’s Wishlist on Amazon

How do I buy from someone’s Amazon wish list?

To purchase from a list, browse the list. Choose an item from the list and select Add to Cart. Proceed to checkout to buy the item. After you buy it, the item will be moved to the Purchased section of the person’s list.

How do you make an Amazon Wish List?

To make an Amazon wish list, log in to top Amazon and select Accounts & Lists > Create a List. Name your list. On the Lists page, select Manage List to set your list specifications. To add an item, go to the Buy box and select Add to List.

How do I share an Amazon wish list?

To share your Amazon wish list, go to Accounts and Lists Wish Lists. Next, select your list, then choose Invite or Send List to Others. Choose View Only or View and Edit, then copy the share link or send it via email.

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