25 vine stars who are now famous

25 Vine Stars Who Are Now Famous

Vine stars are people who use the video-sharing app Vine to create and share short videos. In the beginning, Vine was not known by many. However, it started attracting more attention and as a result, many new people got involved with the app daily. It brought into the limelight some of these stars who have become famous enough to appear on television or other media. They could be news anchors, actors, or even singers! So if you want to get a glimpse at 25 Vine stars who are famous in the world today, here they are…

What is the Vine App?

Vine App was a six-second-long video-sharing app released by parent company Twitter in 2013. It used to be a social media app where users create and upload content that goes viral. This app brought into the limelight a lot of favorite celebrities who showcased their talents to the world through the platform. There are different speculation surrounding the death of this app however users will agree that it was fun while it lasted.

25 Vines Stars who are now famous

1. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is prominent in the video application, Vine. Born in September 1994, Vine ushered him into acting and brought him to the limelight. Since then, he featured in many movie projects like Expelled, Projects, and the Outfield. Presently, he is focused on making music and living life.

2. Nash Grier

In 2015, Nash Grier was known as the second most followed personality on Vine. Aged 25, He is now a father with a large following across social media platforms. Nash starred in movies like You Get Me, The Deleted and I am Mortal.

3. Shawn Mendes

If there is one person who Vine was created in his favor, that person will be Shawn Mendes. The Canadian-born singer began by uploading covers of songs on Vine and this attracted the attention of top record-label artists. Today, Shawn is undoubtedly one of the best solo artists in history.

4. Lele Pons

Lele Pons started her career on the Vines App at age 16 where she shared lots of comedic videos. Her video was the first to reach a billion loops on the site. Currently, she is a YouTuber with over 12 million followers. A show hostess, she has found her feet in the world of Entertainment.

5. King Bach

He is known as the King of Vines. King Bach was the most followed celebrity on the app. He is an actor, comedian, rapper, and internet sensationalist. He ranks high among internet influencers and thanks to Vine, his career sprung up and he has featured in many movies. His fanbase is still on the top till today as he has a large following on all various social media platforms.

6. Brent Rivera

It is no news that the now-defunct app brought many talents to the limelight and Brents is one of them. With over a net worth of 6 million dollars, he is now an American YouTuber and social media influencer. With a large following on the internet, he has featured in quite a number of movies and shows.

7. Brandon Calvillo

The American Viner is a member of the 1 Million Club. Brandon uploaded his first vine in 2013 and gained over 10,000 followers the same year. Presently, he is living a quiet life and his relationships are kept private. Like other viners, The vlogger also runs a Youtube channel and has grown in the area of Music and social media influence.

8. The Dolan Twins – Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan

Two brothers making funny, trick videos online would surely get the fanbase it deserves. The Dolan twins met Stardom on the Vine app at age 13 and since then they have built a massive following across all social media platforms. With over 10 million subscribers on Youtube, they have settled into the daily work of making comedic videos. They have also taken a keen interest in a podcast tagged ”Deeper with Dolan Twins” where they share their journey with the public.

9. Marcus Johns

Marcus is one of the top most-followed people on the now-defunct Vine. With the influence of his brother Cody to start posting videos online, Marcus scaled immeasurably. He is famous for the vines titled ”My dad is such a loser”. Unlike other stars, Marcus was already in the movie industry before Vines was created. He had featured in The Punisher(2004), Rock of Ages (2012), and a couple of other films. Currently, he runs a Youtube channel with his wife, Kristin.

10. Jake Paul

The 25-year-old Jake rose into the limelight on Vine and this introduced him to the Movie industry. He played the role of Dirk Mann on the series Bizaardvark, courtesy of the Disney channel. Presently, he has built a career on Youtube and Boxing. Jake (nicknamed The Problem Child) has a younger brother named Logan. They are both in the same space of Entertainment and Boxing. An amateur match against British Youtuber Deji Olatunji via TKO launched Jake’s boxing career and since then he has continuously won various matches.

11. Logan Paul ( Jake got famous first )

Logan rose to fame on the video-sharing app. His massive following on Vines graduated him to be a sensational YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers. Logan is a seasoned podcaster and identifies as a boxer too. He has a brother named Jake Paul and they are both in the same industry and share similar attributes.

12. Meghan McCarthy ( now Megan McCarthy )

With 3.5 million followers on Vine, Meghan really hit it big with her talents. The voice-over queen is the spice of various shows on TV. Her creativity spans storytelling, acting, screenplay writing, editing, and movie production. Her career after Vine is immensely incredible. Meghan worked with top brands like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Amazon on their various advertisements. She is best known for her work in the animated show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all seasons hit harder than the previous.

13. Brittany Furlan ( now Mrs. Tommy Lee )

In the league of the most followed females on Vine, Brittany Furlan was sure on the list. Before the crash of Vine, She had already made a mark on the Entertainment Industry. Brittany has starred in various movies, shows, and documentaries. Some of these include We Are Your Friends, The American Meme by Netflix, and Paradise City. She is married to Star Tommy Lee.

14. Scotty Sire

The former Viner invested in making comedy videos on the 6-second vine app. With over a million followers, he endeared his fans were endeared to his honest approach to life. An avid anime fan, Sire is a social media influencer, vlogger, artist, and comedian. His album ranks on Spotify and Apple Music.

15. Daz Black

Many will agree that Daz Black really created a niche for himself on Vine. His funny videos made him a delight to watch. Today, Daz is a great Youtuber whose channel showcases comedic videos, games, sketch and reaction videos, and all kinds of fun stuff. His official channel name is Daz Games. Asides from vlogging, He has featured in quite a number of movies. Some of which include Eddie the Eagle (2015).

16. Zach King

Zach King is the Magic Viner. He is known for illusions on the internet that appear more real than it is. This internet personality has been around for a long time even before Vine. His videos attract a great number of views and he has amassed a large fanbase. Zach is presently a YouTuber, media personality, author, and illusionist. Movies he featured in include Zootopia, and A Magician Home Alone.

17. AlliCattt

Allicattt is a YouTuber, songwriter, comedian, and singer. Her fame started with Vines where she gained 4 million followers on the platform and she has been consistent in the internet space to date. Popularity did not come easy for Alli as it did for her best friend and popular Viner Lele Pons. Albeit, she grew at her pace and has carved a niche for herself.

18. Christian DelGrosso

The media influencer who first gained popularity on Vine rose up to be one of the most followed personalities on the site. Today he runs a youtube channel that has garnered so many reactions and subscribers. He acted for a while and was featured in the movie Mono. Christian is married to his long-time girlfriend, Kristen McGowan.

19. Rudy Mancuso

Any music lover is sure to have come across Rudy. His vine was full of sounds, covers, art, and fun. He had no bad vine as every video was termed better than the last. The music instrumentalist featured Justin Bieber alongside a few other celebrities. On his youtube channel, he makes comedic videos with his friends and has taken his love for music to a greater level.

20. Eh Bee

What more could be fun than having a household of Viners!! The Bee Family formerly known as the Eh Bee family are loved for their video blogs on YouTube, Vine, and other social media channels. What started as fun has gone way beyond minor acting and evolved into a thing of career for the Bee family. The Canadian media personalities created videos that appealed to family-oriented audiences and this has garnered them with a number of over 9 million subscribers on all platforms and a total of 2 billion views to date. They were nominated for the Shorty Award for Best in Parenting/Family.

21. Jerome Jarre

Jerome is on the list of the most followed Viners as of the year 2014. The French content creator also became a Snapchat celebrity and indeed has a great fanbase. At the moment he is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and philanthropist. He has featured in movies such as Zoolander 2 (2016) and Airplane Mode (2019).

22. QPark

Joyce Tanner popularly known as QPark is a Korean-American who performs extreme-exaggerated real-life situations videos. This creative is actually a graduate of Economics at Yale University. In the search for passion, Joyce committed himself to Social media and vlogging. His videos on Youtube and Instagram have accumulated over 4 million followers.

23. Darius Benson

Darius Benson, also identified as MrLegenDarius, is a US-born Singer, Songwriter, and Internet personality. His comedic clips on Vines were exciting. Following his first vine tagged ”Got Jokes” in May 2013, Benson has proved that indeed he got so much humor up his sleeve. He was selected to be one of the Viners who represented Vine at Vidcon in 2015. Presently, He is a YouTuber and continues to create exciting content for his audience.

24. Liane V

For someone who has been consistent over the years on various social media platforms, Liane sure knows how to be on top. The former Viner is currently in Fashion and Music. Her outstanding creativity earned her to host various international shows like The Voice and X-Factor. The fashion guru always makes a statement with every outfit she displays. Despite the crash of the Vine app, She has grown to be one of the most followed TikTok celebrities at the moment.

25. Cole LaBrant

He first gained fame on Vine and has transcendently evolved into a Star and Influencer. Cole runs a Youtube channel with his wife Savannah Labrant and has recorded over 10 million subscribers. Presently, they create funny videos on family and Society.

Bottom Line:

It is no news that Vine was a great platform to make it big in the Industry. It brought talents into the limelight and became a space for relaxation and fun. The 25 vine stars who were made famous from Vine are still famous till date.

FAQs on Famous Vine Stars

Who is the most famous vine star?

There is no one famous vine star. The top vine stars include King Bach, Lele Pons, Nach Grier.

What are the famous viners doing now?

Most of the Viners went into full-time Vlogging on Youtube and are making millions from their channels. They are also into Acting and the Entertainment Industry.

Why was Vine shutdown?

The parent firm Twitter stated in 2016 that the app will be shut down. Reasons were due to employee turnover, lack of monetization and advertising possibilities and concerns from the company.


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